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Conte's Protection Plan

$89.00 - $899.00
PROTECT YOUR NEW BIKE When you walk out of our shop with a new bike, we want you to be absolutely confident in your ability to enjoy that bike for years to come. We all know that the unexpected happens - and when it does, we want you to have peace of mind. That is why we offer the Conte's Protection Plan. With this plan, you can be assured that every single moving part on your bike is covered. Go ahead - get out and enjoy your bike. Other Information
  • CPP does not cover abuse or crashes
  • CPP can be purchased up to 8 weeks after the sale and is non-transferrable
  • "Up To 2 Drivetrain Replacements" is defined as 2 cassettes and 2 chains during the coverage period
  • Can be used at any Conte's location
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