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How Use A Gift Card Online

Everything you need to know

Follow the steps below to use a Conte's Gift Card when shopping on

  1. Locate the 13 or 17 digit gift card number. This number is on the back of the gift card below the barcode.
  2. When making a purchase online write the gift card number in the comments section on the Shipping Method screen. To place your order, you will still have to input a credit card number but your credit card will only be charged for the amount that the gift card does not cover.  Please note, a temporary hold will be placed on your credit card for the full amount of your order until your order is processed. 


How do I find out the value of my gift card?

You can visit any Conte's store to check the value of your gift card. You can also contact the Conte's online support team in the lower right corner of this screen or email us at Please make sure you provide the 13 or 17 digit gift card number or a picture of the back of the gift card when contacting us.

I have more than one gift card to use, can I use multiple gift cards in a single transaction?

Yes, you can provide multiple gift card numbers in the comment section and they will be applied to your order.

I don't understand how to use my gift card online, how can I reach out to have it applied to my order?

Please place your order as normal and send us an email at with your order number and the gift card number or a picture of the back of the gift card. We will then make sure your gift card is applied to your order.