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Book Your E-Bike Service Online

While we strive to be able to repair any e-bike you wish to bring to us, they can pose unique challenges. Please read below to better understand whether we can service your e-bike. 

  • If you purchased your electric bike through Conte's Bike Shop, we will be able to provide service
  • If your electric bike is from a brand we currently stock and sell, we will be able to provide service. Click here to view brands we service
  • If your bike has a Shimano, Bosch, Specialized or Hydrive motor and battery, we will be able to provide service.
  • If your electric bike doesn't meet the above criteria, we can still service it as long as that service doesn't involve the motor, battery or any of the electrical components*.

*we can attempt to work on any system, but due to the vast array of systems available and the scarcity of spare parts, we cannot guarantee an electrical issue on a brand not listed below will be resolved fully; but we will charge for our time to try and figure it out.

Online service scheduling is available at all locations. If the location you select has no availability, please call us. For flat fixes you do not need to schedule an appointment.

Our online booking tool offers a limited selection of all the possible work we can do, if the required service is not listed below contact us by phone. Some locations work on an appointment only system, calling ahead to setup an appointment if you are unable to book online is advised.

Please only book one bike per appointment.

Electric Bike Brands We Service

Rocky Mountain
 Tern Bicycles
Yuba Bicycles

Looking for an E-Bike? Click here to shop our full selection of in stock E-Bikes here.