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Conte's is thrilled to expand our presence in the strong cycling community of Atlanta! Located in Atlanta's beloved shopping district of Toco Hills in Decatur, Conte's Bike Shop is ready to serve your cycling needs!

With locations across the East Coast and access to the best brands in the world, there's no question we'll help you find the perfect bike or gear that's right for you!

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Conte's Storefront


Colby is just the friend and ally you want to help you along your cycling journe. An avid roadie and MTBer, Colby's main drive is to get the rest of the world to like cycling as much as he does - that's a world we'd be happy to live in! And with over 15 years of experience in the bike industry, he's got plenty of knowledge to solve any problem you can throw at him.

Stop by today to meet Colby and catch some of that infectious #bikejoy!

Want to work with Colby and the rest of the team in Decatur?