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Helmet Buyer's Guide

How To Choose Your Next Helmet

Whether you are riding down a mountain or riding to the local grocery store, having the proper helmet will keep you protected and comfortable. Learn everything you need to know when buying your next helmet. Also, don't forget that helmets should be replaced every 3 to 5 years depending on use.

Size, Type, Fit


The first step in picking out a helmet is finding the correct size. To find your head size, use a measuring tape to measure your head circumference. You want to measure around your head just above your ears. It is best to measure in centimeters, as that is how most helmet brands size their helmets. 


Choosing the correct type of helmet will help keep you comfortable and stylish. Consider whether you want a visor to keep the sun out or if you need to wear a winter hat. Additionally, it is worth considering the weight of the helmet. More expensive helmets tend to weigh less which means it is more comfortable for longer rides. Ventilation also plays a factor, for example road helmets tend to have better ventilation than a helmet designed for around town use.


The fit of a helmet comes down to your head shape and how the helmet feels. Different brands have different shaped helmets and you might find one brands fits you better than another. Most people fit into a few different brands, and it is always worth trying on two different brands to see which one fits better. If you currently have a helmet and it fits well, it's a good bet that another helmet from the same brand will also fit well but not guaranteed. 

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