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Why Choose Cannondale?

For over 50 years, Cannondale has been at the forefront of making the most innovative and iconic bikes on the planet. Cannondale’s sole focus is to make bikes that make bike rides better. In that pursuit, Cannondale has always dared to dream big and be different. Whether you’re riding an e-bike to work, racing crits on the weekend, or hitting the trails, Cannondale has a bike as unique as you are to get you there and back again.


Cannondale isn’t afraid to try something new. From inventing the press-fit bottom bracket to pioneering the use of carbon fiber in mountain bikes, Cannondale has always led the way in producing bikes that change rides for the better


Cannondale dares to be different. While most bike brands play it safe to avoid making mistakes, Cannondale’s drive to make bikes that make bike rides better leads them to produce unique solutions to common problems. From integrated car sensing radar on road bikes to integrated phone mounts on hybrid and comfort bikes, Cannondale isn’t afraid to offer seemingly simple solutions to problems all riders face.

Authentically American

Since 1971 Cannondale has had their headquarters in Southern Connecticut. In 2021, Cannondale opened a new production and warehouse facility in Georgia out of which they assemble, warehouse, and ship bikes to shops and riders across the country. They are an authentically ‘local’ American brand, producing bikes on a global scale while holding tight to their roots in the USA.

Featured Models

SuperSix Evo

The fourth generation Supersix Evo is for riders who dare to ride faster, everywhere. From the pointy end of the bunch to alpine climbs to valley roads and everything in-between, the all-new Evo has been designed to give you an edge over the competition, your riding buddies, or your personal bests.


For riders who throw a leg over the bike without knowing where the road will lead, there’s no better companion than Synapse. Fast or slow, solo or with a group, paved or not. If you ride to find something new in the world or in yourself, Synapse might just be the perfect bike for you.

Topstone Carbon

The Topstone Carbon is the bike for gravel adventure. Loaded with mounts, with space for big tires, geometry perfect for riding the roughest of the rough, and Cannondale’s award winning Kingpin Suspension, Topstone is right for riders who choose the path less taken. If you want a bike that’s ready for anything, you want Topstone.

Topstone Alloy

Straightforward, reliable and a whole lotta fun, the Topstone Alloy is a gravel bike crafted for riders with a taste for adventure – and value. Whether roll light and free or loading it up for a long haul, Topstone’s comfortable ride, confident handling and up-for-anything capability make it the perfect partner on any road.

Cannondale Bikes in the Wild