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Shimano SH-RC300E Wide Shoes

Shimano SH-RC300E Wide Shoes
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Ride Like You Mean It With Shoes You Can Count On

No matter if this is your first time dipping your toes into the pool of road cycling or if you've raced for more years than you can count, turn to the gear that keeps you on the bike no matter what. Treat yourself to the high-quality Shimano SH-300 Wide Road Shoe and embrace hard-working power and comfort that will keep you coming back for more.

The midsole that makes up the bulk of these road shoes is completely seamless, offering incredible new levels of fit, stability, and performance to the world of competitive road racing. A state-of-the-art surround wrapping upper design reduces overlap, providing a super stable fit that allows you to ride for miles. A sleeker profile is created thanks to the BOA® L6 dial mounted on the center flap, which delivers quick micro-adjustments that you can fiddle with on the move for ultimate ease of access. The upper utilizes a perforated synthetic leather composite to provide genuine breathability for ultimate comfort on a long ride. An ingenious combination of low stack height midsole plus glass fiber reinforced nylon creates a lightweight shoe that delivers maximum power transfer efficiency, leaving you ready to do the whole trail one more time.

When you spend hours on the bike, you value the gear that not only promotes your power but fits so well you don't even notice it's on until you end your ride. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the Shimano SH-300 Wide Road Shoe for adventures full of comfort thanks to incredible breathability and durability — all at a reasonable price.


- Integrated seamless midsole and upper construction set a new level of fit, stability, and lightweight performance
- Off-set center flap mounted BOA® L6 dial creates a sleeker profile with quick adjustments
- Surround wrapping upper structure reduces overlap and provides a glove-like fit
- Low stack height midsole stabilizes foot and maximizes power transfer efficiency
- Perforated synthetic leather composite upper enables superior fit and breathability
- Lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole for power transfer