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Pedro's Enduro Premium Wet Lube

Pedro's Enduro Premium Wet Lube
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- Extreme lasting performance with less mess in mixed to wet conditions.
- Elevates efficiency, runs quiet, runs clean, reduces wear, and fully waterproof.
- Safe plant-based ingredients.

Formulated with Pedro's exclusive CleanTech Chemistry, Enduro blends advanced wet and dry lube technology for incredible wet lube performance in mixed to wet conditions, without the mess. Noticeably elevates efficiency, runs quiet, reduces wear, long-lasting, and fully water-proof.

CleanTech Chemistry is a proprietary approach to chain lubrication chemistry developed by Pedro's to achieve new standards of performance using ingredients that are safe for mechanics and riders. Chain lubes commonly feature toxic ingredients that are unsafe for the user and harm the environment. With CleanTech Chemistry, there are no compromises. CleanTech Chemistry lubes share a similar base chemistry but each employs a unique lubricant package designed to optimize the chain surface coating characteristics and maximize performance for the intended riding conditions, while keeping the drivetrain exceptionally clean.