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Conte's Conte's 1957 Blend Coffee

Conte's Conte's 1957 Blend Coffee
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Quality bicycles are the Conte’s way of life, since 1957. Pair that with a premium coffee and you’ve got a winning combination. This special label 1957 Blend is in partnership with Fathom Coffee. Both Conte’s and Fathom are rooted in the Virginia Beach area and have crossed borders with their products. This roast is a blend of the finest Kenyan and Ethiopian beans, separately nano-roasted and expertly combined to create a great cup of coffee. Conte’s and Fathom Coffee prioritize quality, craftsmanship, and cultivating our community we hold dear. They both celebrate the idea that you should want only the best for your customers, so you work hard and deliver. Let this roast fuel your next weekend ride.

1957 Blend
50% Kenyan, 50% Ethiopian
Net Wt. 12oz. (340 grams)
Produced by Fathom Coffee

Why do we package our coffee in mason jars?
Mason jars are the logical choice for premium, single-origin coffee for the following reasons:

We are able to vacuum seal the jars. This ensures maximum freshness from the time that we roast the coffee until the point you decide to open the jar. Keeping oxygen away from your beans keeps them fresh.
You can see what you are buying. We hand sort our coffee twice — once prior to roasting and again upon completion of the roast. This ensures you get the best beans. If you normally buy coffee in a bag, you have no idea what it really looks like.
Many coffee aficionados dump their beans from the bag into a mason jar for storage. Not sure if you have properly crimped those twistie-tie closures on your bag? You’ll never experience that problem with a mason jar.
It looks good on the shelf, on your counter, or when giving it to a friend as a gift.

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