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CarbonPro Sports Dry Lite Lube 4oz

CarbonPro Sports Dry Lite Lube 4oz
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CarbonPro Sports™ Ultimate 3 in 1 Dry Lite Density Lube protects your bike chain and components without leaving a greasy residue. It applies cleanly. Its micro-particles coat the chain by creating a protective layer lessening friction, and helping to resist dirt, debris and foreign particles that could damage components. This product is 100% biodegradable and safe.

When to Use: This lube was formulated for use in and for dry riding conditions. It is ideal for rides on dry, dusty and sandy terrain. Use before and after every ride and bike wash to protect your chain and components. Continuous use will protect and prolong the life of your chain and components. 

How to Use: Start with a clean chain, then apply while moving the chain backwards. Wipe off any excess.


Carbon Pro Sports

Part Numbers

091037410245 091037410245 210000087714