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CarbonPro Sports Dri Wash 8oz

CarbonPro Sports Dri Wash 8oz
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CarbonPro Sports™ Dri Wash is a revolutionary new method of washing and shining your bike and providing a protective coating on your paint in minutes, without water. No buckets, no hoses, no rinsing or drying! Simply spray on the surface and wipe dry. With CarbonPro Sports™ Dri Wash you can conveniently and quickly wash your bicycle anywhere, anytime. This unique formulation dissolves dirt and stains by using special lubricating agents that encapsulate the dirt so that it can easily be wiped off a bike’s delicate surface without scratching It also leaves a protective film that provides gloss, color enhancement and smoothness that conventional washes fail to deliver.

Our product was formulated exclusively to clean, maintain and protect expensive painted surfaces. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, from hot temperatures reaching 120°C (250°F) to the frigid temperatures of 0°C (32° F). This product is 100% biodegradable and safe.

When to Use: Perfect for traveling, for apartment living, for mountain biking and just about any time and anywhere water is not available. 

How to Use: Apply and wipe off. Performs best when wiped off using a microfiber towel.


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