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CarbonPro Sports Degreaser with UV Protectant 8oz

CarbonPro Sports Degreaser with UV Protectant 8oz
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CarbonPro Sports™ Degreaser with UV Protectant uses a super strong cleaner formula that was created specifically to deep clean the toughest and most soiled chains and metal components without harming the Carbon Fiber parts. This special formula is 100% biodegradable and safe and has been created with technology to penetrate and remove dirt and grime from deep inside the chain, while creating a coat that it will protect it against water and salt corrosion, UV rays and will prevent the new adherence of dirt.

This Cleaner leaves no residue, leaving the chain clean and dirt-free. Incredible to use for daily rides, but you can see its true worth when cleaning dirty, soiled and muddy mountain bike’s chains. This product is 100% biodegradable and safe.

Use: On dry or wet bike, apply directly to chain and components. Allow for the product to soak for a couple of minutes and remove with clear water. Wipe dry. For more stubborn dirt, allow for the product to soak in a little longer and remove with a fine brush or a rag. Rinse and wipe dry. Follow with lube.


Carbon Pro Sports

Part Numbers

CP-10025 210000087705