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During our more than 60 years in business, we have seen bikes change, a lot, and we have become convinced that the test ride needs to change, too. Why? Because we want the same thing for you that you want for yourself: to find you the perfect bike to meet your riding goals. All the bikes we sell are great, but the best bike for you is the one that best fits your body, your riding style, and your goals.

With that in mind, we developed Conte’s Try Before You Buy™ for select models of road bikes. We want you to know, unequivocally, that the bike you’re buying is the right bike for you. That requires more than a sales floor introduction and test ride around the block. First, it requires that we show you why the bike we’re suggesting fits your body perfectly. Next, that perfect fitting bike needs to live up to your expectations on your home roads. After your fitting, you’ll take the bike home to test it out on that climb you’ve done a hundred times, mix it up in your local group ride, or ride it for 100 miles.  Ultimately, we want you to love the bike you buy.

Fit It, Ride It, Love It, Own It.™ It’s that simple.

Get Started Today – $500 ($850 value)

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*Bikes may require up to 72 hours to prepare for demo. Availability is dependent upon demand. In rare cases, some bikes may not be available in all markets. Fitting can only be performed by Conte's Level 2 and Conte's Certified Master Fitters at select locations including Arlington, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.

Fit. Ride. Decide.

The Conte’s Try Before You Buy program has been designed to give you the best test ride possible.


Start with a Conte’s Precision Fit. Using advanced tools from Retül and GebioMized, you and your fitter will determine the best model, size, and component specification to suit your riding needs.


Take a perfectly fit bike home to ride for 48 hours. Don’t love it? Come back to try another. You get two 48-hour demo windows on up to two bikes. Since the fit is perfect, you can focus on the ride.


You've had the opportunity to test ride some of the most advanced bikes in the world. Once you have decided on your favorite, $300 of your $500 investment will be put towards your new bike.

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Conte’s Try Before You Buy is available at the following locations:


Virginia Beach