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Conte’s Concierge

Conte’s Concierge has been designed to help you pre-order the bike of your dreams Here's how it works:

Step 1: Conte's Precision Fit with Retül 

Start with a full Conte’s Precision Fit using Retül 3D motion capture to confirm frame sizing and fit-related component selection.

Step 2: Spec Consultation

Following your fit, work with your Fit Pro to discuss your options, exploring everything from frame sizing and color, component selection, and pricing.

Step 3: Bike Build and Set-Up

When your bike arrives at Conte's, our Service Pros will assemble your bike and pass it to your Fit Pro for set-up according to your fit needs.

Step 4: Home Delivery and Final Fit

Once it is ready to go, we will schedule a time to not just deliver your new bike but also provide a home fitting to confirm that the final set-up is perfect.

Current Conte's Concierge Models:

Get the New Pinarello DOGMA F With Conte's Concierge Service

Your "one bike for every ride." The Pinarello DOGMA F blends light weight, aerodynamics, and a supple yet responsive ride to make the one bike you'll grab every time you hit the road. Bomb descents, climb like you're in the Pro Tour, and sprint to victory on the new Pinarello DOGMA F.

Customize Your Fun With SCOR and Conte's Concierge Service

Make sure you bring the fun to every ride by dialing in your SCOR build to your exact specifications. No matter your idea of a good time, SCOR and Conte's Concierge will make it happen. Schedule an appointment to dial in positioning, chat options, and pre-order the hottest bike on the trail.

Ready for an exceptional riding experience?

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