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Conte’s Concierge


The BMC Teammachine is the culmination of speed, comfort, and style. The Teammachine is the most comfortable, lightest, and fastest to date. It comes in a variety of configurations to get the perfect bike to handle all of your riding needs.

If you need to ask why such attention to every detail – aesthetic, performance, ride quality, fit -- is necessary, you probably haven’t ridden a BMC Teammachine. The Teammachine rider demands more. They want performance, but prefer it not come with the compromises so often associated with endurance bikes. They require comfort but refuse to accept that it must come with gimmicks, gadgets, or lack-luster performance.

See how BMC has changed the game with the new Teammachine.

Coming Soon!

The bike that knows no compromise - the all-new Specialized Tarmac SL7. Climb on the lightest bike the rules allow, sprint on the fastest – all with legendary Tarmac handling. The Tarmac SL7 achieves a marriage of light weight, aerodynamics, and ride quality previously thought impossible. The only choice you need to make is when to attack. Start perfecting your podium pose now. 

A Full Service Experience

Conte’s Concierge has been designed to cater to riders who demand more. It includes:

Retül Fit

A full Conte’s Precision Fit using Retül 3D motion capture and Gebiomized Pressure Mapping to confirm sizing and satisfy fit needs.

Spec Consultation

After the fit, we will take time to discuss your options, exploring everything from frame colors to component specifications.

48 Hour Demo

Next, because riding is believing you’ll have the opportunity to take one of our premium Demo units home for a complimentary 48-hour demo.

Home Delivery

Have your new ride delivered right to your home. Our mechanics will assemble your bike and bring it right to your doorstep.

Home Fit

Before we leave, we confirm everything is ready to ride at delivery so you can ride it right away.

Conte's Jersey

At the time of purchase, you’ll receive a complimentary custom Conte’s cycling jersey by Giordana.

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BMC Teammachine SLR01 ONE

BMC Teammachine SLR01

BMC Teammachine SLR01 THREE

BMC Teammachine SLR01

BMC Teammachine SLR01 FOUR

BMC Teammachine SLR01