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Aventon + Conte's

How To Buy An Aventon Ebike From Contes

Everything you need to know about buying an Aventon Ebike from Conte's or having your Aventon Ebike assembled at Conte's


Search our in-stock inventory of Aventon Ebike. If you find the bike you are looking for and it is available for purchase in your region, you can purchase it online for instore pick up. 



If Conte's doesn't have the Aventon Ebike you are looking for in your desired region visit Aventon's website to place an order and choose your local Conte's Bike Shop as your assembly location.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase an Aventon Ebike through
Yes, at this time Aventon bicycles are only available for purchase on for instore pick up. Additionally, certain models are only available for purchase in select regions. See below for which bikes are available for purchase in which regions. 

Adventure Step ThruAll Regions
Pace 500 Step Over and Step ThruAll Regions
Sinch Folding Step ThruDC, FL, NC, VA
Level and Level Step ThruDC, NC, VA, GA

*Subject to change based on availability

Can I place an order for an Aventon that Conte's does not have in stock?
At this time we are only selling Aventon Ebikes that we have in stock. If you see an Ebike on Aventon's website that you would like to purchase but your local Conte's Bike Shop does not have in stock you will have to order it through Aventon. When purchasing from Aventon directly you can select your local Conte's Bike Shop as the assembly location.

Is there an assembly fee when purchasing an Aventon Ebike?
Yes. Whether you buy an Aventon Ebike from Conte's or Aventon, you will be charged $180 for assembly. When purchasing from Conte's this fee is included in the price of the bike. On Aventon's website this fee is applied during checkout.