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The Conte's Bike Shop App 

Bike ownership, simplified

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How it Works

Get ready to revolutionize your ride in three quick steps:

1. Download the Conte's Bike Shop App

2. Link your Strava account*

3. Start enjoying a more seamless bike ownership experience!

*The Conte's Bike Shop App works just fine without linking a Strava account, but the experience is much more personal and effective with Strava integration. Conte's Bike Shop does not sell any personal data to third parties.

Strava Integration

When you set up your bike profile and connect your Strava account to the Conte’s App, you’ll receive mileage-based maintenance reminders to help keep your bike rolling smoothly.

Seamless Communication

Service can be scheduled conveniently through the app and, while your bike is in the shop, you’ll be able to check on the progress of your repair, sign off on all recommended work, and communicate directly with the technician working on your bike.

Get Social

Stay motivated and meet new friends by checking out group rides, educational clinics, and events local to your area.

Love Your Bike More

Increase your comfort, efficiency, and performance by scheduling bike fits directly through the Conte’s App.

Download the Conte's Bike Shop App Now!

iOS App Store     Google Play

When setting up your account on the App:

If you've ever purchased anything over $10 from Conte's Bike Shop, or ever had your bike serviced by us. You already have a profile with us. When you log into the app, enter the email address you gave us and in the password field enter the password you would like to set for your profile. Then just click login, and you're all set up!