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In consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have limited the availability of our Fit Services, adapted our fit protocols, and will be requiring all clients to wear masks for the duration of their fitting. We will offer public scheduling for our Precision Fit, Precision Frame Finder Fit, and Conte's Try Before You Buy through our Arlington and Virginia Beach Fit Studios ONLY. We will also offer limited fitting in our Richmond and Williamsburg Fit Studios. If you would like to schedule an appointment in either Williamsburg or Richmond, or have any fit related questions, please contact us. Thank you for your understanding.

Bike Fit For Every Body

 Bike Fit is Essential. Whether riding on the road or trail, whether pedaling a triathlon or hybrid bike, whether racing on the weekend or racing into the office, if you're not comfortable on your bike you are not only less powerful or less efficient. You're also having less fun. Everybody rides for different reasons. "Fun" is subjective. Comfort, however, is not. No matter what "fun" means to you, if you are uncomfortable on your bike you're not getting the most out of your ride.  It's because we believe that Bike Fit Is For Every Body that we've developed a unique in-house Fit Certification Program, training our Fit Professionals in the use of the most advanced fit tools available to apply evidence based best practices to every rider on any bike. Conte's Fit, For Every Body. 

Conte’s Bike Fit Menu

Learn more about our professional bike fitting options and book your appointment today.

Conte's Precision Fit with RETÜL | $300*

2.5-3 Hours

The Conte’s Precision Fit with RETÜL combines a thorough rider interview and physical assessment with a repeatable, data-driven dynamic fit protocol. Utilizing the most advanced fitting tools available, including RETÜL 3D motion capture, the Conte's Precision Fit will help cyclists of all abilities and levels of experience achieve their most comfortable, efficient, and powerful riding position.

Conte's Precision Aero Fit | 3-3.5 Hours - $350
(triathlon or time trial bikes)

*$200 with the purchase of a new bike from Conte’s Bike Shop.

Performed by Conte's Level 2 or Conte's Certified Master Fitters.

Precision Frame Finder | $350*

3-3.5 Hours

Remove uncertainty from bike buying with the three-step Precision Frame Finder Fit. First, work with a Conte’s Fit Pro to find your ideal riding position using the data driven protocol of the Conte’s Precision Fit. Next, during a comprehensive post-fit consultation, your Conte’s Fit Pro will walk you through your fit measurements and help you identify bike models whose geometry will best support your fit needs and riding goals. Finally, during a separate appointment, you will test ride bikes your Fit Pro has set up according to your newly found fit coordinates. You’ll be certain the bikes you’re riding are right, leaving you to decide which one is perfect. Good Fit, Good Comfort, Good Fun!

 Available Exclusively at Conte's Fit Center Locations (Arlington, Falls Church, Richmond, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach).

Conte's Precision Aero Fit | 3.5-4 Hours - $400 
(triathlon or time trial bikes)

*$200 with the purchase of a new bike from Conte’s Bike Shop.

Performed by Conte's Level 2 or Conte's Certified Master Fitters.

Conte's Try Before You Buy | $500*

Sometimes even the best store-based test ride isn't enough to know that a bike is the perfect bike for you. It's because we want you to know your next bike is perfect that we've developed Conte's Try Before You Buy. Using the same protocols as our Precision Fit and Precision Frame Finder Fit, our Fit Pros will help you identify which bikes are right for you and set up two of them according to your ideal fit coordinates. Next, you’ll take each bike home for a 48-hour demo period. Hit the local group ride, go for a Strava KOM, or ride 100 miles with friends. Fit It. Ride It. Love It. Own It.

*$200 with the purchase of a new bike from Conte’s Bike Shop.

Performed by Conte's Level 2 or Conte's Certified Master Fitters.

Conte's Essential Fit | $150*

1-1.5 Hours

The Conte’s Essential Fit provides a foundation for pain free miles on the bike, covering cleat position, foot and arch support, saddle selection and position, and handlebar position.

*$100 with the purchase of a new bike from any Conte’s Bike Shop Location.

Performed by Conte's Level 1 or Level 2 Fitters

Conte's Essential Mountain Bike Fit | $200*

1.5-2 Hours

Take your trail riding to the next level, unlocking all the possibilities modern mountain bikes offer with the Conte's Essential Mountain Bike Fit.

*$150 with the purchase of a new bike from any Conte’s Bike Shop Location.

Performed by Conte's Level 1 or Level 2 Fitters

Conte’s Additional Bike Fit Options

Learn more about our a la carte bike fitting options and book your appointment today.

Saddle Fitting | $100/hr

1 hour

GebioMized Pressure Mapping


Rider interview

Advanced range of motion and cycling specific strength assessment

Dynamic bike fitting on Retül Muve Dynamic Fit


Cleat Fitting | $50*

30 minutes

*$35 with purchase of shoes from any Conte’s Bike Shop location within 4 months


Rider interview

Basic foot / ankle assessment

Cleat installation and adjustment

Advanced Foot Support & Leg Alignment | $100/hr

1 hour


Rider interview

Advanced assessment of foot and ankle morphology

Cleat installation and adjustment

Retül™ Bike Fit

Conte’s Bike Shop offers Retül™ at our Arlington, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach locations. This data-driven system takes your measurements and utilizing 2D and 3D motion capture data and uses that to match you to the correct frame and accessory sizes. It also identifies trouble spots in your riding geometry and suggests fit adjustments to ease discomfort and increase efficiency.

Retül 3D Motion Capture technology simultaneously measures three planes of movement on the rider while pedaling. Retül averages the rider's body movement to provide a comprehensive data set reflecting the rider's position providing our certified bike fit expert the data to evaluate changes to a rider's position.

Digital Sit Bone Device

Get an accurate reading of your sit bone, pressure points and the saddle that would best suit your body type.

Digital Foot Device

Looking for a new pair of shoes? No arch support and you're wondering why? This tool is for you. Get an accurate measurement on your feet for size, width, and support

gebioMized Pressure Mapping

Saddle discomfort is the primary fit complaint of most riders. But did you know that improper saddle fit is also implicated in everything from hand numbness to neck and back pain to knee pain to foot numbness? A cyclist’s power comes from their hips and improperly supported hips, or the resulting instability they cause, are the culprit in a great many more fit complaints than most people realize.

The Conte’s Saddle Fitting with GebioMized Pressure Mapping is included in our Precision Fitting Service but as a stand-alone service is ideal for riders who suffer from saddle discomfort or have an inkling that their saddle may be the culprit behind some of their other bike-related discomfort.