Contes Bike Shop Bicycle Trade-In


Subject to the conditions below*, Conte's Bike Shop will allow you a trade-in credit of up to 40% of your trade-in toward the purchase of a new Conte's bike of equal or greater value than the original purchase price of your trade-in bike. Subject to the conditions below, 40% is guaranteed within the first 2 years of the purchase date of your trade-in.

Want an estimate of your current bike's value (purchased from Conte's or elsewhere)? Fill out our form online and we’ll provide you with an estimate!

*The following conditions may reduce the value of or nullify our policy: abnormal and/or excessive wear and tear, accidents, age, abuse, neglect, failure to properly maintain the bicycle, trading in a bicycle that is in an unsafe or un-rideable condition. Bicycles used for commercial purposes are not covered by Conte's Lifetime Trade-In Policy.